An unexpected global pandemic can really just rip the rug right out from underneath you. I had worked so hard to work to be a scenic artist/fabricator, and suddenly I was unemployed and watching my entire industry collapse. My initial reaction was panic, then that drifted to anger, and then settled nicely on numbness with a dash of hopelessness. I would spend everyday repeating the same cycle: wake up, watch tv, pass out. I was letting myself be consumed by “The Fog.” “The Fog,” is one of my oldest friends, yes she does take me away from everyone I love by making it exceedingly difficult to communicate but with her I feel safe. Although being with her felt like I was attending a constant pity party, at least I didn’t have to face how frustrating my reality was. However, on the rare occasion the fog thins enough for me to break my daily cycle, I draw, and at least for a little bit she becomes trapped on the page.
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