I have been charged to work on the fabrication assembly team for Cedar Fair parade floats. The first parade was two sets of three floats for their 2019 Grand Carnival traveling event and the second for Cedar Point's 150 Year Anniversary Spectacular. During the Grand Carnival production I was the Glitter Queen, if a part had glitter on it I was involved. For three months my life was consumed by glitter and sequin, my work boots still sparkle with glitter sequins. While working with glitter was ridiculously fun the real challenge came with the 150th Anniversary  floats. All of the skills I had learned over my time at 3DX was put to the test. My partner, Nate, and I assembled every single float in that parade. Each float presented new and unique challenges that we tackled efficiently and strategically. Sadly my time with these floats was cut short due to Covid-19. I am immensely proud of the work that I was able to complete and can't wait until 2021 where they will be presented to the public. Due to the 150th Anniversary Spectacular being postponed to 2021 I am unable to post my work at this time.
Photo Credit: http://www.midwestinfoguide.com/, www.kingsdominion.com, https://www.worldsoffun.com/
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